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Guitar, bass and drum construction kits! Start with one of our new rhythm section packages and make it your own!

Indie, Alt Rock/Pop, Indietronica, hard rock/metal, acoustic pop and more.


  • multiple song sections - intros, verses, bridges, choruses, breakdowns, endings etc
  • Each tonal instrument recorded in 4 keys so you never have to transpose more than a 1/2 step up or down.
  • Each instrument/section recorded in multiple chord flavors, for example, Maj, Min, Min7, 7, Maj7, Sus2, Sus4, Dim
  • Listen to demos (construction kits based on following examples):

Blue Earth - drums, drum machine, synth pads, 2 electric guitars, bass

Charge It - drums, loops, 2 electric guitars, bass

Our Hero - drums, bass, 2 heavy guitars

Skin Diver - drums, drum machine, 2 electric guitars, bass

Force Field - drums, heavy guitars, dirty bass

Angry Bugs - drums, low (baritone) electric guitars, bass

Damage Control - heavy drums, 2 heavy electric guitars, bass

Tick Tock - drums, 2 electric guitars, bass

Solar Power - drums, 2 electric guitars, bass

Tough It - drums, 2 electric guitars, bass

Explore our growing catalog of amazing loops, phrases, construction kits and samples - download quickly and easily - be working with new inspiring grooves and sounds IN YOUR OWN DAW in minutes.

  • Easy to use loop packages and sampler kits

  • EXS-24 SAMPLE KITS can be imported by Kontakt and a wide variety of software samplers (Kontakt kits coming soon)
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Drum Packs


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